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Get out of the water, dear

  • Galleria Heino 16 Uudenmaankatu Helsinki, 00101 Finland (map)

Elise was found drowned, underwater. First the diver discovered the clothes, the dress and the shoes, and then a body. The garments were so graceful they immediately identified her. We lifted her out. The velvety clothes were wet and heavy. Her fair hair had soaked in the mud. I found you! It was forbidden to remember her due to the quarrels of the family (relatives, house). I wanted to bring her with me. I could prove that she was still present. We moved her around, I was examining her body.

I received a phone call across the sea. ”Get out of the water, dear”, he said. That sentence haunted me. I was trapped, until I made a decision: I would not leave the water. Water is the body. Water is sense. Sensation. Emotion. I thought further back: when I was a child. Where the water began. The water and darkness accompanied. I lost the landscape. I found a person. They’re all here, Elise, dad, my sister, Heta and the one, who is a girl and a boy all at once. I started telling things that were to be left unspoken. When I opened the box of secrets, I remembered.